Global Crises Action

Global Crises Action via Yale International Alliance

Welcome to the YIA Refugee Service HubTM — a YIA partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Duet . Together we facilitate refugee settlement in the U.S., making the process of donating easier, more efficient, professional and transparent. By giving exactly what refugees request, instead of cash or goods that refugees don’t need, donors directly help refugees fleeing from harm to a new home. 

Your purchase of any item listed on this website directly helps foster a stronger local community through refugees’ direct participation. What you purchase is what refugees have specifically requested and will receive.   

Refugees served by this Hub are officially screened by IRC and vendors providing merchandise are vetted by the partnership. The Hub’s highly innovative technology platform was developed by Duet whose success helping refugees settle in Greece has provided a template for serving refugees settling in the U.S.

Our refugee relief partnership is differentiated from other relief efforts in numerous ways that provide added value:

  • Decreases time and cost of making donations via funding tangible goods
  • Fulfills specific refugee requests to live and thrive in a new community
  • Avoids overstocked donated inventory, associated waste, and cost of administration
  • Allows refugees to become respected patrons of local businesses
  • Builds relationships that help refugees assimilate into local communities faster and more smoothly

We invite you to join us to help refugees and their families settle in the U.S. with dignity as a part of a local community. Please see the items requested by refugees here