Humanitarian Benefit Concert (online) for the People of Ukraine by Yale Russian Chorus

The Yale Clubs in Asia are putting together an online humanitarian non-political benefit concert for the people of Ukraine featuring the Yale Russian Chorus. See The concert will last around 45-55 minutes. A member of the YRC will introduce each musical piece and its historical and cultural context.

The YRC is a tenor-bass a cappella choral ensemble specializing in sacred and secular Slavic choral music. Chorus members comprise both undergrad and grad students.

Founded in 1953, the Yale Russian Chorus has a long history of building direct people to people friendship bridging across national and political silos, distrust, ignorance and barriers such as the Iron Curtain, Cold Wars and Hot Wars.

The YRC repertoire spans over a thousand years of history and multiple continents: Russian Folk Songs (Kalinka, The Legend of the Twelve Brigands), Cossack marches (Oi, Na Hory, Vyotsa), Slovak lullabies (Hej, Pada Pada), Macedonian Wedding Songs (Ne Sedi, Djemo), Liturgical music (Blazhen Muzh, Bogoroditse Devo), and the occasional American Spiritual (Ride the Chariot, Steal Away).

The chorus has interacted with Ukrainian music cultures and will feature a number of Ukrainian songs in the program, using Music and Culture to transcend national conflicts and captivate audiences to renew and empower our common humanity, tolerance and love that embodies Lux et Veritas, Light and Truth in all of us.

Date: Saturday April 30, 2022 at 8am New Haven/ET
Register at

Donations are NOT required and everyone is welcome. If you are interested in donating, the attached article lists some organizations that you can donate directly to:

Next Cohort of YIA Common Rooms, March 2022 — Register Now

What happens when a Yalie from Europe, the U.S., Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East walk into a virtual room? We expect creativity, insight, and inspiring conversation.

Imagine walking back into a Common Room to discuss Geopolitics, Classics, Healthcare, Spies and Spycraft, US-Sino Relations, Education, or whatever your personal passion is now. Yale alums are hosting themed Common Rooms in these and many other areas of international interest.

Join us in one of our YIA Common Rooms, with Yale alums who are interested in the wider world, and — in our themed Common Rooms — Yalies who share your own passions and interests. Your small group of 8-10 alums will reflect different regions of the world, and will meet online for 40 minutes twice a month for three months to create new relationships, discuss perspectives, further cross-cultural understanding, and continue that conversation you were having in your Common Room at Yale.
For complete information and to discover the Common Rooms offered in this upcoming cycle, please visit YIA Common Rooms and register by March 3, 2022.

Want to get inspired? Meet one of our YIA Common Room hosts!

Ali hosts Limits of Compassion (on Moral Imagination)

…and here’s what our Common Rooms alums say…

One of my dreams of going to Yale was going to a place where everyone was interested in the conversation topics I was into… the Common Room revived my dream and I relished all of it!

“Vibrant and stimulating

“Learning unexpected new things brings joy”

“In short, we are back at Yale”

“The Common Rooms are the best thing I’ve participated in as a Yale alum”

Next Cohort of YIA Common Rooms Launches

What happens when a Yalie from Europe, the U.S., Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East walk into a virtual room?  We expect creativity, insight, and inspiring conversation.

Join us in a YIA Common Room, an initiative for Yale alumni who are interested in the world and its citizens. The next set of Common Rooms is starting this October. Your small group of eight to ten alums will reflect different geographic areas of the world. You will meet online for 40 minutes twice a month for three months to create new relationships with far-flung fellow Yalies, discuss perspectives, further cross-cultural understanding, and continue that conversation you were having in your Common Room at Yale. 

For complete information visit:

Jerusalem Youth Chorus Global Gala Concert

To everyone who enjoyed Micah Hendler’s interactive session on Transcending Conflict Through Song in June, and to those who missed Micah’s inspiring story, please join the YIA watch party to support The Jerusalem Youth Chorus’ first-ever Global Gala Concert on:

September 12 at 10am San Francisco | 1pm Washington, DC | 6pm London | 7pm Geneva | 8pm Jerusalem

YIA members are eligible to receive a discount so please use this link to register and/or donate to the efforts of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus to transcend conflict by building bridges between Palestinian and Israeli youth.

You will be automatically registered for the Yale watch party so make sure to attend the Gala by using the personalized link that will be sent by email. 

Transcending Conflict Through Song // June 29 and June 30

Dear Yale alumni, families and friends,

You are invited to a timely and engaging event, an interactive session on “Transcending Conflict Through Song” with Micah Hendler ’11, founder and artistic director of The Jerusalem Youth Chorus, jointly hosted by the Yale International Alliance and the Yale Alumni Association Board of Governors.

Given the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict and anti-Asians hate, our world is more than ever in need of voices of unity, love and open dialogues among people. Micah has worked tirelessly for the past decade to promote peace, respect and understanding through his creative leadership in making music and songs and using this humanity-centric method to transcend conflicts. His admirable work has caught the world’s attention through many media outlets.

On June 29th (1pmET) and 30th (8amET) we will host this interactive event to reach a worldwide audience. To register for this free event, please choose one of the sessions that suits your time zone in the links below.

More detailed background on Micah and his work is in the registration material. We hope to see many of you in this timely event. Thank you for joining us to experience efforts aimed to help heal the world.

CAI TALKS with Daniel Esty

On Tuesday, May 4, join CAI TALKS for the third conversation in our “Sustainability and energy transition: The new global agenda” series from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.(ARG). Featured speaker, Daniel Esty, Director of the Center for Environmental Policies at Yale University and Director of the Sustainable Finance initiative at Yale University will be in conversation with CAI President and Yale Fellow, Pablo Bereciartúa. The talk will be held in English.

To register, click here.

YIA is calling on Volunteers to speak to future Yalies about global issues through the Yale Young Global Scholars Program!

Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) is a highly selective academic summer program for high school students offered by Yale University. During the summer, YYGS offers intensive two-week academic sessions for approximately 2,400 high school students from around the world. Last summer, YYGS students came from over 130 different countries and all 50 U.S. States. Many YYGS alumni go on to attend Yale College, including 200 YYGS alumni in the Yale class of 2024! 

Each summer, YYGS organizes a series called Opportunities Across Yale (OAY) in which they invite Yale Alumni to participate in 90-minute workshops with students and expose them to new subjects, career paths and global issues. In this way, OAY serves as an important complement to YYGS’s structured academic program. 

YIA invites our members to participate in an OAY workshop and help expose young students to important global issues, supporting our mission of inspiring global citizenship. For a more detailed description of YYGS and a helpful explanation of how the OAY sessions work, please watch this brief video

Should you volunteer as an OAY workshop participant, you’ll have the opportunity to specify the date, subject, and format of your session. Possible formats range from intimate workshops of 10-15 students, to panel discussions, to large lectures with hundreds of attendees. If interested, please register using the form below, or contact YYGS Program Coordinator Shu Yi Zhou ( with questions.


With thanks,
Yale International Alliance

Common Rooms Have Launched!

This weekend, two hundred Yale alumni are returning to the Common Room experience–of stimulating discussion, making new friends, enjoying the inimitable company of other Yalies. The Yale International Alliance has matched alums into groups of 8-9 members from every corner of the globe to share a new type of Common Room, meeting virtually every two weeks to share different cultures and perspectives, and to build new friendships around the world. Join us next term by completing the interest survey here.


The Yale International Alliance (YIA), a shared interest group of the Yale Alumni Association, unites Yalies who seek to address local and global challenges through the lens of international perspectives and diverse experiences. With heavy hearts, we denounce the mass killings that occurred in Atlanta on March 17, 2021 as innocent lives were shortened by a self-absorbed shooter’s inability to recognize the humanity in people, regardless of race or ethnicity. 

As global citizens, we stand with all innocent victims of racial hatred and misogyny against the rising tide of violence and harassment. We stand for social justice against injustice. We stand for love against hate, with compassion to heal those in despair. We look to the future when Americans are celebrated for their diverse backgrounds rather than face discrimination based on superficial features and ignorant stereotypes. For this reality to occur, we must stand united in our efforts to combat racism and xenophobia. 

YIA wholeheartedly supports Yalies and global citizens to create solutions for deep-rooted challenges in our society. We must continue to use our collective strengths to make the world a better place for all.