How Does Immigration Affect Global Business?

Immigrants have been shaping markets for millennia, but have frequently been the target of hostility in many countries. With economic turmoil and a wave of refugees around the world today, questions about the economics and ethics of immigration are again a focus of conversation. Global Network Perspectives asked experts across the Global Network about the roles immigrants play in their regions and whether public perceptions of that role are accurate.

Philosophy and Mass Incarceration Conference

The conference brings together an esteemed group of scholars and the formerly incarcerated to explore what the discipline of philosophy can say about the perplexities of mass incarceration.

Topics of discussion: Philosophy of Mass Incarceration: What and Why?; Boundaries of Permissibility; Carceral Space; Justice in the Age of Extraction; Prison Education as Transformative Experience; Prison Abolition; and Rhetoric, Propaganda, and Ideology.