Video: New Global Network Initiative Targets Problems in Cities

How do cities begin to solve the pressing challenges they will face in the coming decades, including climate change, affordable housing, and employment? A new group of Global Network scholars aiming to focus on urban resilience issues met recently to help design solutions.

At a meeting held at the Yale School of Management on July 5-6, faculty with an interest in resilience from throughout the network met to discuss areas for collaboration on research and teaching topics as part of the new Collaborative on Urban Resilience and Effectiveness (CURE).

How Does Immigration Affect Global Business?

Immigrants have been shaping markets for millennia, but have frequently been the target of hostility in many countries. With economic turmoil and a wave of refugees around the world today, questions about the economics and ethics of immigration are again a focus of conversation. Global Network Perspectives asked experts across the Global Network about the roles immigrants play in their regions and whether public perceptions of that role are accurate.