“Africa Salon” Brings Culture & Art from the Continent to Yale

Africa Salon is Yale’s signature African arts and contemporary culture festival. Held every year in April, this year’s event featured panels on the politicization of black hair, African representation in superhero comics and movies, a performance by a prominent African LGBTQ activist, a food tasting with “did you know” cards for each dish, a dance class taught by a popular Nigerian choreographer and dancer, and more.

Slavery and its legacies: Forced labor and modern slavery

Genevieve LeBaron and Kevin Bales, members of the Gilder Lehrman Center’s Modern Slavery Working Group, joins Thomas Thurston to discuss forced labor and modern slavery.  Listen to their conversation

Genevieve LeBaron is a Senior Lecturer in Politics attached to both the Department of Politics and SPERI at the University of Sheffield. She is also Chair of Yale University’s Modern Day Slavery Working Group housed at the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance & Abolition and a UK ESRC Future Research Fellow. She is Founder and Editor of openDemocracy.net’s Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, a popular journalistic site that brings together stakeholders who are serious about tackling modern slavery’s economic, political, and social root causes.  Genevieve’s research focuses on the political economy of the global labour market, including current research projects on the governance of labour standards in transnational supply chains and the business models of forced labour.


Yale in Africa: An overview of the Yale Africa Initiative


Yale in Africa: An overview of the Yale Africa Initiative

When he announced the Yale African Initiative (YAI) during his inaugural address in 2013, President Peter Salovey promised to “foster new directions in research on Africa, identify new partnerships with those on the continent, and strengthen our recruitment efforts, all while emphasizing teaching and learning.”

In the years since, that’s exactly what YAI has done. This video offers a brief overview of the programs and partnerships through which Yale and its collaborators are changing the world, told by the people who are leading the way.


Cape Coast Meditation from Yalie Nicholas Lewis

Perhaps the Gods knew all along.
One day we would return to save them all.
Time is timeless.
300 years ago. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Now.

You must ask yourself, “What do I do?”
How do I fit into this endless sky?
KNOWING you are no different than the ones that came before.
Your dreams have no priority in this place, this past…
We. Are. All. One.

And when the Gods call you, as you look out onto these shores where ships carried away your past, on these shores where tears could not refract the horror, on these shores where even death lowered its head in shame, on these shores where, on these shores where, on these shores…Where. You. Were. Born.
WHAT will you do?

Yes, perhaps the Gods knew all along.
One day we would return to save them all.

Cape Coast Meditation