Exploiting Sino-Russian Nuclear Divergence


As the United States begins its latest push to acquire next-generation nuclear weapons, the Kremlin has responded in lockstep by increasing its own nuclear arsenal and pressing Washington on arms control. China holds back and instead chooses to stick to conventional military forces and gaining global influence through soft power. China, considerably more competitive than Russian economically and diplomatically, is preoccupied by the nuclear buildup on its own border by North Korea and how that might expand. Richard Weitz, a senior fellow and the director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute, explains that the United States could use this divergence to its own strategic advantage. Weitz argues that the United States has an opportunity to include China in US-Russian nuclear arms control negotiations, which could lead to Russia pressuring China from enlarging Beijing’s nuclear offensive capabilities. — YaleGlobal

Yale Club of London: Art Circle: ‘Asian Art in London’ Gallery Crawl

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

Art Circle: ‘Asian Art in London’ Gallery Crawl

your guide

Nixi Cura (SY ’88)

Sunday, 4 November 2018
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

4:00 pm

5:00 pm
Gallery crawl in St James’s

6:00 pm
Lecture at Christie’s by Ivy Chan (Specialist) on
‘Colour, Form and Design: Chinese-Islamic Exchange in Blue and White’
followed by a reception

7:30 pm
Gallery crawl in St James’s

meet at Sotheby’s
34-35 New Bond Street
London W1A 2AA

Please note: Due to tight spaces in some galleries, the group is limited to 8 registrants.


YCL General Admission: Free!
(Registration required, spaces limited)


About the Event

Join YCL Art Circle for an ‘Asian Art in London’ gallery crawl curated by Nixi Cura (SY ’88). The evening will include drinks at several gallery openings and entry to a lecture and private reception at Christie’s.
About ‘Asian Art in London’
During this annual event, museums, dealers and auction houses offer exhibitions, sales and lectures on Asian art. From 1-10 November, London will become the hub for curators, collectors, students and art aficionados in this field. The gallery crawl will take place during the late-night openings in St James’s; the list of participating galleries and auction houses is listed in the calendar.
About Nixi Cura (SY ’88)
Nixi Cura read East Asian Studies at Yale, then specialised in Chinese painting and Buddhist art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Her current research interests include Qing art, especially during the Qianlong reign (1736-1795), collecting and antiquarian practices in the Qing, Republican and Manchukuo periods, and contemporary Chinese visual culture. Nixi serves concurrently as Senior Teaching Fellow in History of Art and Archaeology at SOAS University of London and as Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. She created and ran the Arts of China postgraduate programme at Christie’s Education/University of Glasgow as its Director from 2007 to 2017.

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Contact: Kyoung Kim
Please note: Photos and other forms of recording may be taken at the event and used by the YCL website from time to time.


Yale Club of London: YaleWomen WellWomen

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

YaleWomen WellWomen 

Thursday, 1 November 2018
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Renata Cesar’s home, SW7(will send more detailed instructions to the list)


YaleWomen and YCL General Admission: £6.00
(discounted rates for certain categories – see registration)


About the Event: 

A YaleWomen Social at Renata’s home with a focus on discussing wellness and wellbeing. Two YaleWomen with a special interest in this topic, Justine Lutterodt and Victoria Stainsby, will lead the discussion by discussing their own journeys and we will also open the discussion to other initiatives attendees would like to share with the wider audience.
Victoria Stainsby (SY ’87) will be discussing:
  • Mind-Body Health
  • Why and How Stress Makes You Ill -What’s the connection (especially hormones and immunity) ?
  • Ways of Creating Awareness and Finding Balance
Justine Lutterodt (BK ’01) will be discussing:
  • Chasing success – three drivers that get us off balance
  • How these drivers relate to traditional ideas about leadership
  • How to approach success mindfully – so as to be better for your health, your career and your leadership development

Click here to register for this event. 

Contact: Karen Go (SY’99), Chapter Head YaleWomen London: london@yalewomen.org
Please note: Photos and other forms of recording may be taken at the event and used by the YCL website from time to time.

Yale Club of London: Theatre Circle: Parents’ Evening directed by Stella Powell-Jones

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:


by Bathsheba Doran

directed by Stella Powell-Jones (YC ’09)

“Would you please remember that it’s not us they’re assessing.



New York Times

followed by Q&A with the director and cast

Thursday, 25 October 2018

6:45 pm: Drinks/networking at the Theatre Bar

7:30 pm: Performance (90 minutes)

Post show Q & A in the Theatre

Jermyn Street Theatre

16b Jermyn Street

London SW1Y 6ST

Please note: 

Tickets will be distributed on the night by May Gibson.


YCL General Admission: £27.50


About the Event:

She’s been disruptive in class. She’s rude to the teachers. And now she wants to learn the trumpet. But whose performance is really being judged? A mother and father prepare to discuss their daughter’s progress at the local primary school, but their rare opportunity for some quality time together begins to test the bonds of love, work and family.

Charged, passionate and surprising, Parents’ Evening is a fierce and funny play about modern marriage and parenthood. This European premiere marks the homecoming of a major British talent already acclaimed in America.

London-bred Bathsheba Doran has established a reputation in New York as one of the best playwrights of her generation. Winner of the Berwin Lee Award, and a Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and Writers Guild Award nominee, her plays have appeared at Lincoln Center Theater, and her extensive screenwriting includes Boardwalk Empire and Masters of Sex.

Stella Powell-Jones (YC ’09) is Deputy Director of Jermyn Street Theatre.


To register, click here



Contact: May Gibson

US Policy on Russia Aims for Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in 2015; US National Security Adviser John Bolton meets Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev in 2018

Russia interfered in the 2016 US presidential election. Foreign leaders and members of Congress have since focused their attention on Donald Trump’s Russia policies and may be neglecting other national security challenges. “The intense scrutiny placed on Trump and collusion has created a political atmosphere in which Russia has effectively become a boogeyman for domestic political ends,” writes Nicholas Trickett, research scholar and editor-in-chief of BMB Russia. “The Russia story provides political cover for the much scarier prospect of war with Iran.” Trump appointed hawks on Iran for two key positions: national security advisor in March and secretary of state in April. By May, the United States withdrew from the deal on containing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. So far, no policy shifts signal that the United States is going easy on Russia. Trickett analyzes the Trump administration’s subsequent moves with Russia on Syria and concludes that the Iran hawks may have figured out how to manipulate the president for their own political ends. – YaleGlobal

Yale Club of Germany: Democracy and Disinformation – Understanding our New Normal


Democracy and Disinformation – Understanding our New Normal

Lecture / Free admission / Venue: B101 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München / Mandatory registration at reservierung@amerikahaus.de


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Anne Applebaum is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, journalist and commentator on geopolitics.

Informed by her expertise in Europe and her years of international reporting, Applebaum shares perspectives on, as well as implications of, today’s volatile world events through the lenses of world history and the contemporary political landscape. As technology allows a new scale of media manipulation to authoritarian governments and changes the tenor of political discourse, she scrutinizes the misinformation, propaganda and criminal exploitation that influence global affairs.

From Syrian refugees to Putin’s disinformation narratives, from financial crises to responding to terrorism, from government corruption to Trump’s game-changing campaign language and attitudes towards allies, Applebaum provides both background and up-to-the minute insights that are vital to understanding the risks and opportunities of today’s global political and economic climate.

The first in a new Yale Club of Germany e.V. Speakers Series Dialogues on Democracy with special thanks to the MIS Foundation.

Welcome remarks:
Dr. Andreas Etges, Amerika-Institut, LMU
Bartley Großerichter, Yale Club of Germany, Munich Chapter, Founder Dialogues on Democracy

Registration is mandatory at reservierung@amerikahaus.de


Yale Club of London: Country Walk – Beaconsfield

Yale Club of London via wildapricot.org 

Sep 26, 2018, 9:11 AM (4 days ago)
to me

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

YCL Country WalkAutumn Walk in the Chilterns
  including country walk,pub lunch 

Saturday, 13 October 2018
9:50 am from London or 10:40 am at Beaconsfield 
to 5:00 pm (end time depends on speed of walking)

Meet at Marylebone Station at 9.50amfor the 10.13am train to Beaconsfield (journey time 30 min)
Please note: Please wear sensible solid shoes.
Children are welcome.

YCL General Admission:
The walk is FreeTransportation (return rail to Beaconsfieldcosts £12.30; Oyster cards are not valid)and lunch are at your own expense

About the Event: 

This is a comfortable circular walk from Beaconsfield rail station through the village of Seer Green and back. Beaconsfield is a short journey from Marylebone Station. Hopefully, we will be delighted by some beautiful autumn colour and fine weather along the way: click for details.
The walk is 6.5 miles, about 4.5 hours in total, including and a leisurely stop for lunch in a local pub   . Come join us for an escape from the hustle and bustle of London for a relaxing walk with fellow Yalies. As usual, check the forecast and wear sensible walking shoes.
Click here to register for this event. 


We hope to see you there!

The YCL Team

Rethinking Belt-and-Road Debt

Transport trouble: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad criticizes China’s “new colonialism” at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, and Chinese-built railway connects parts of Africa

More than 75 nations participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, launched in 2013 to develop trade and connect Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe with ports, roads and railways. But some countries worry about adding to already heavy debt burdens, and some projects have become an issue in local politics. Among the most vocal critics is Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who has warned about a “new colonialism,” explains veteran journalist Philip Bowring. Mahathir questions infrastructure costs and strategic purposes relating to contentious issues like control over the South China Sea. Many emerging economies can certainly benefit from the infrastructure investment, explains Bowring, but cautious leaders also recognize the value of assessing project purposes and priorities. China, wanting to avoid heavy losses or criticism at home about wasteful spending, has launched a publicity campaign to promote benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative. – YaleGlobal

Yale Club of London: Camp Yale Emeritus – Intra-Ivy Volleyball

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

Camp Yale Emeritus  
Intra-Ivy Volleyball

Saturday, 22 September 2018
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

The Marlborough Sports Garden
11-25 Union St, London Bridge
London SE1 1SD

YCL General Admission: £7.50


About the Event: 

Continuing off the back of a really successful US Alumni Field Day in August, we are excited to continue the sporting theme with a Camp Yale Emeritus event with a twist!
What better way than to see in the Autumn with sand between your toes? Did you know that you can play beach volleyball n the heart of London? Come out to Borough for a friendly afternoon of volleyball and drinks with alumni from Harvard and Columbia! Come to watch, come to play or a combo of both.
Ticket price includes court hire and a refreshment.

Click here to register for this event. 
Contact: James Ford 

Russia’s Internal Otherness

Identity crisis: Russians are divided over support for modernization versus traditionalism; peasant imagery such as the 1887 painting

Russia is Europe’s most populous country, and Vladimir Putin, in his fourth term, promises to focus on modernizing the economy and social institutions. “It is evident… that achieving a new level of economic development is hardly possible in total isolation,” argues Viatcheslav Morozov, professor of EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu, who writes about identity and foreign affairs. “On the other hand, the feeling of insecurity that underlies Russia’s pushback cannot be fully rationalized even if one agrees with the assumption that Western democracy promotion and geopolitical expansion go hand in hand.” Russians cherish a distinct history, traditions and peasant imagery that suggest an inability to integrate with Europe. Political leaders take advantage of a perceived cultural divide no longer based on social reality, one that vanished with standardized education and urbanization. Morozov concludes that the nation need not pursue some idealized image of Europe to improve the country and give all Russians a political voice. – YaleGlobal