Russia-Turkey-Iran Triangle: Economic Interests Are Paramount

Turkey, often shuffling positons based on immediate geopolitical and economic interests, now enjoys close ties with Russia and Iran
Diplomatic talks among Syrian parties sponsored by Russia, Iran and Turkey are underway in Sochi. Turkey’s leadership promoted the notion during the 2011 Arab Spring protests that the country could be a democratic model for other Muslim nations. But the country of 80 million people lacks natural gas or oil resources. “Its main sources of gas are Russia and Iran, contributing respectively 60 and 30 percent of the total, with the rest coming from Azerbaijan,” explains author and historian Dilip Hiro. Turkey, a NATO member, sides with surrounding powers based on geopolitical and economic interests. For now, Turkey, Russia and Iran share agreement on multiple fronts: Russia is constructing a new gas pipeline to deliver energy to Turkey and southern Europe. After a failed 2016 coup in Turkey, Russia’s president supported the hardline Turkish response. Russia likewise supported Turkish concerns about the Kurdish fighters in Syria. Turkey switched sides in the war, joining Russia and Iran, and supports peace negotiations that prioritize stability and maintain the Assad regime while targeting the US-backed Kurds. Likewise, Turkey once opposed Iran’s intervention in Yemen, but Iran’s leader also supported the Turkish president after the coup attempt. – YaleGlobal

YANA Europe Chapter just launched!

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We launched YANA in 2011 with an ambitious vision that united and motivated all of us: to organize and leverage the collective power of Yale’s nonprofit alumni network for the greater social good.

YANA has just launched in Europe!  To get involved, please contact the co-chairs below.

Tomas Nordberg, MA ’01 (Stockholm, Sweden) and Thatcher Shellaby ’70 (Nyon, Switzerland)

Yale Club of London: Feb Club Emeritus

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

Feb Club Emeritus!  

Friday, 23 February 2018
6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Walker’s of Whitehall
15 Craig’s Court, London, SW1A 2DD

YCL General Admission: Free, but please register so we knowhow many people to expect

About the Event: 

Feb Club Emeritus is back! Come and join fellow Yalies to celebrate one of senior year’s favourite traditions!
This year we have secured a semi-private space in the basement bar of Walker’s of Whitehall, right next to Trafalgar Square. Walker’s of Whitehall is a popular watering hall in the heart of London with an offering of very British pub food as well as an extensive bar.
There is no entrance fee, but registration is encouraged so we know to expect you. All Yalies and friends welcome!

Free, but please register so we know how many people to expect

Contact: James Ford

Venezuela Is Not a Big Priority for Russia, China or Iran

Venezuela had strong ties with the United States until 1998, when Hugo Chávez was elected president. With the world’s largest proven oil reserves, the country of 32 million should be wealthy. But Chávez and Nicolás Maduro revised the constitution, concentrating presidential power in their hands, while mismanaging the economy and oil industry. More than 80 percent of Venezuelan households live in poverty, dealing with rampant inflation and shortages of basic goods. Carlo Jose Vicente Caro notes that economic challenges have influenced foreign relations: “The official line is that the government is strengthening strategic relations with partners like Moscow and Beijing as well as Tehran. But the Maduro administration has exaggerated the strength of those ties. The priority is not helping Venezuela but countering US hegemony in regional politics.” With Venezuela defaulting on some bonds, Russia and China have slowed lending. Venezuela is over-dependent on oil exports and still relies on the US oil market. Caro concludes, “Venezuela is but a pawn for legitimizing those countries’ policies on the world stage rather than advancing a real agenda of its own. – YaleGlobal

Yale Club of London: All-Ivy Plus New Year Drinks

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

All-Ivy Plus New Year Drinks 

Saturday, 27 January 2018
7.30 pm to 1:00 am

Six Storeys
11 Soho Square
London W1D 3QE

General Admission: £28.75

About the Event: 

The Yale Club of London and the Harvard Club UK warmly invite fellow young professionals from our partner US college alumni clubs to celebrate the start of 2018 at the first Ivy Plus event of the year!
For this special occasion, we have prepared an evening of drinks at one of Soho’s most exciting bars, Six Storeys! The reconverted bank, offers six distinct styles, one on each floor. We have reserved the Lounge on the 3rd floor just for us from 7.30pm until 1am.
There will be an open bar of wine, beer and soft drinks from 8pm to 10pm, so do arrive promptly to make the most out of this wonderful venue! After the open bar closes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy other house speciality drinks while making new friends and reconnecting with old ones!
• ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌
Come and join alumni from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UPenn and Stanford to celebrate 2018 in style!
• ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌ • ◌

Places are limited, so make sure you register to in advance to avoid disappointment.  Click here to register

Contact: James Ford

Yale Club of London Mentorship programme

The Yale Club of London is inviting you to join its Mentorship Program. The program is intended for alumni and current Yale students that hail from or are located in the UK, and/or are interested in joining the Yale Club of London. The program is open for signups year-round, matching mentees to mentors on a quarterly basis based on mentee preferences and mentor approval. Each ‘mentorship session’ consists of three meetings over the course of three months, with set guidelines for mentors and mentees. Every member can be a mentor and mentee as many times as needed, and need to be a member of the Yale Club of London (website signup).
1. To learn more and sign up, go to:
2. For any questions, contact us at: