Energy Calculations of a Trump-Kim Meeting

Energy summit? Russia’s Vladimir Putin proposes to South Korean President Moon Jae-in a gas pipeline for North and South Korea; Russia constructs a gas pipeline in the Far East

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump surprised the world after the first man suggested a meeting and the second one agreed – “only an atypical leader who revels in disruption could turn affairs upside down, making the unthinkable thinkable,” notes Joergen Oerstroem Moeller, former state-secretary with the Royal Danish Foreign Ministry and a visiting senior fellow with the ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore. “Yet calculations on energy may be driving overtures among South Korea, North Korea and Trump, and sanctions may have forced Kim to change track because leaders cannot disregard public hardship for long without the risk of discontent.” Assessing the motivations of such leaders requires speculation. China and Russia have cooperated on building natural gas pipelines in Eastern Siberia, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin has raised the possibility of extending a pipeline into the Korea Peninsula. The United States also would like to sell gas to South Korea. Much has changed since the end of World War II and Korea’s division. Kim attended schools in the West, enjoys internet access, reads up on US current events and may worry about over-dependence on China. Newly armed with nuclear missiles, North Korea’s leader may assume that his negotiating leverage, balancing US and Russian interests, is as good as it gets. – YaleGlobal

Russia and China Test Arctic Boundaries

Unfreezing conflict: As the Arctic warms, contenders like China and Russia can be expected to advance claims to the region’s undersea resources

Climatologists estimate that at least one Arctic shipping route linking Asia and Europe will be reliably ice-free by about 2050. The region is said to hold 30 percent of the world’s natural gas resources and 13 percent of its oil, and there are security considerations, too. Two events in 2016 demonstrate interest from China and Russia: a Chinese mining company’s tried to purchase an abandoned naval base in Greenland, controlled by Denmark, and Russian Chechen special forces conducted training exercises on Svalbard Islands, controlled by Norway. Both incidents were settled with quiet diplomacy – Denmark blocked the sale due to NATO considerations, and Norway enforced a treaty that prohibits military activities in the area. Still, both incidents underscore the potential for global competition over the Arctic and determination by China and Russia to test European and American resolve, explains journalist and author Humphrey Hawksley. Major powers have about three decades to prepare for an ice-free Arctic, he concludes, and China could be the kingmaker by siding with other countries or acting as mediator. – YaleGlobal


Yale-Harvard-Cambridge-Oxford Polo Taster Day

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

Yale-Harvard-Cambridge-OxfordPolo Taster Day  
In aid of The Atlantic Cup and TrustPA

Learn to Play Polo In Central London!

Saturday, 28 April 2018
2:00 pm to 8:30 pm

2:00 pm: Meet Canary WharfTravel to polo grounds
2:30 pm: Three hours professionally coached polo
6:30 pm: Argentine dinner

29 Canary Riverside
London E14 8RR

Please note: Please bring healed shoes for riding. All other safety equipment will be provided. Smart casual for dinner. Changing facilities available. *****
YCL General Admission:
£235 with code ‘yale-polo’

About the Event: 

Ever watched polo and wondered what it would be like to play? Why not give it a go! 
A group of young Cambridge alums, with their friends from Yale, are re-establishing the Atlantic Cup as the premier collegiate alumni polo tournament and are bringing polo to a wider audience. (See more about the Atlantic Cup below.)  They have organised a charity taster day for those who have always been interested in the game but never had the opportunity to try — all in Central London! This experience day, and the Atlantic Cup, is supported by the emerging Cambridge modern luxury luggage brand, c1209
Suitable for both riders and non-riders alike, the group will meet at Canary Wharf then travel together to the polo academy in the Docklands.  Here guests will experience three hours of HPA professionally coached polo including work on Argentine polo ponies, wooden horses and with foot mallets. All kit – DriFit polo shirt, polo whites and cap by Hurlingham Polo 1875 – will be provided and yours to keep. After training, everyone will return to Canary Wharf to enjoy a post polo celebration dinner with fellow team mates at Gaucho, where a traditional Argentine menu will be served with wine.  No riding experience is required, although the event is not suitable for young children.
Those who continue to play may have the opportunity to play for the Yale Alumni team at the Atlantic Cup Charity Polo Tournament in June 2019.  Attendees will have priority access to tickets for the Atlantic Cup.
All proceeds will go to supporting those with life changing spinal injuries through the work of Trust PA
Discover more and book at 
Alternatively, if you can’t make the 28th, but would be interested in future dates, please contact Ben Lawrence.
About the Atlantic Cup: 
Founded in 2002, the Atlantic Cup is now being revived for a new generation.  The Atlantic Cup showcases the pinnacle of University Polo, where Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford alumni (and student) players battle it out for honour and to support riding-associated charities. The 2017 tournament ran over three days at Oxford and the Guards Windsor, with finals in Cambridge.  It was watched by over 500 spectators, many of them students who had never had the experience of watching polo before. Negotiations to hold the tournament in  Cambridge, MA in summer 2018 is underway and the tournament will be back to these shores in 2019.  If you would like to be involved in the organisation, have useful contacts, or would just like to learn more, please contact Ben Lawrence.
About c1209:
c1209 is an emerging luxury luggage brand launched by three Cambridge alums out of the Cambridge enterprise centre. You can find out more at It has been used as a vehicle over the last two years to help grow the Atlantic Cup and now offers the commercial support to be able to run such events as the London Polo Day.
Click here to register for this event 

Contact: Ben Lawrence

Unburied Treasure: Yale Center for British Art’s new exhibition The Paston Treasure-Microcosm of the Known World

The Paston Treasure, the enormous centerpiece of the Yale Center for British Art’s new exhibition The Paston Treasure: Microcosm of the Known World, is bursting at the seams with precious objects, sumptuous foodstuffs and other emblems of decadence. On first study, the only thing it seems to lack is an attribution.

Painted by an anonymous Dutch hand in 1663, the work was commissioned to catalogue the crown jewels, or, perhaps more accurately, the crown shells, of the well-to-do Paston family, which had a special preference for opalescent vessels made of polished nautilus and Strombus shells set in intricate stems of precious metal. Also included are elegant instruments and plucked flowers, a lobster sliding from its serving dish, tumbling bunches of grapes and split peaches, candles, an hourglass, a severe clock and a singing parrot, all beneath oppressive swags of red velvet.

Yale Club of London: Theatre Circle: Acceptance by Amy Ng, followed by Q&A

The Yale Club of London cordially invites you to:

by Amy Ng (’96, MA ’96)
 A prodigiously talented young musician,an Ivy League school,a life changing allegation  followed by Q&A with the playwrightMonday, 19 March 2018
7:00 pm

7:00 pm: Drinks/networking at the Theatre Bar
7:45pm: Performance begins
Post show Q & A at the Theatre Bar
Hampstead Downstairs, Hampstead Theatre
Eton Avenue, Swiss Cottage, NW3 3EU

Please note: We have been allocated 20 tickets.
If these sell out we will will run a wait list.Tickets will be distributed on the night by May Gibson.

YCL General Admission: £12.00

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Russia-Turkey-Iran Triangle: Economic Interests Are Paramount

Turkey, often shuffling positons based on immediate geopolitical and economic interests, now enjoys close ties with Russia and Iran
Diplomatic talks among Syrian parties sponsored by Russia, Iran and Turkey are underway in Sochi. Turkey’s leadership promoted the notion during the 2011 Arab Spring protests that the country could be a democratic model for other Muslim nations. But the country of 80 million people lacks natural gas or oil resources. “Its main sources of gas are Russia and Iran, contributing respectively 60 and 30 percent of the total, with the rest coming from Azerbaijan,” explains author and historian Dilip Hiro. Turkey, a NATO member, sides with surrounding powers based on geopolitical and economic interests. For now, Turkey, Russia and Iran share agreement on multiple fronts: Russia is constructing a new gas pipeline to deliver energy to Turkey and southern Europe. After a failed 2016 coup in Turkey, Russia’s president supported the hardline Turkish response. Russia likewise supported Turkish concerns about the Kurdish fighters in Syria. Turkey switched sides in the war, joining Russia and Iran, and supports peace negotiations that prioritize stability and maintain the Assad regime while targeting the US-backed Kurds. Likewise, Turkey once opposed Iran’s intervention in Yemen, but Iran’s leader also supported the Turkish president after the coup attempt. – YaleGlobal