Russia on Europe’s Gas Supply: Tough Talk, But No Teeth

Investigations are underway into Russian interference in the US election, and policies regarding Russia attract scrutiny. The US Senate approved a bill to tighten sanctions against select Russian companies including some in the energy sector and block possible removal by the president. The bill is stalled in the US House of Representatives. Officials with the Russian firm Gazprom seek to divide Europe and the United States on such policies and suggest that sanctions threaten completion of a pipeline that bypasses Ukraine to supply Europe with Russian gas. Agnia Grigas, author and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, rejects that argument. She describes connections between Gazprom and Kremlin leadership, Russia’s track record in slowing energy deliveries in response to policy disagreements and new competing energy suppliers. The innuendo “is either empty bluff or dangerous miscalculation,” she notes. Instead, “the changing nature of the natural gas markets are increasingly chipping away at the Russian monopoly over Europe, with growing LNG trade, new US imports and a buildup of new infrastructure to bring alternative sources of gas.” US legislators could use their country’s market advantage to apply sanctions and send a message that interventions and meddling in elections do not pay. – YaleGlobal

Yale Club of London: Camp Yale Emeritus

Welcome to Camp Yale Emeritus! 

‘What’s that?’ you ask…

Yale is rolling out and supporting a new, fun initiative: an end-of-summer get together – Camp Yale Emeritus.  Think Feb Club Emeritus at the start of the academic year!

Come and join fellow Yalies and friends at the Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker near Angel; We have a private space reserved just for us. Sign up and spread the word!

Event: Camp Yale Emeritus
Date: 01 Sep 2017 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Location: Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker, 292-294 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4PA
Registration: Click here to register for this event.

Cost:  Free! (just whatever you want to spend on drinks) — but please register so we know to expect you.

Yale Center for British Art adds online collection of images into international system for research

The Yale Center for British Art has now made available through its online collection nearly 70,000 images of works of art in the public domain that are compliant with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).

IIIF is a technology framework that supports enriched image use, including comparing, manipulating, and annotating multiple images within and across collections. The IIIF Consortium consists of the world’s leading libraries, museums, universities, research institutions, and image repositories, working in a collaborative system for sharing uniform and rich access to image-based resources on the web. IIIF supports a uniform display of images of books, maps, scrolls, manuscripts, musical scores, and archival material from participating institutions for display, manipulation, measurement, and annotation by scholars and students working individually or in groups around the world.

Yale Club of London: Mentorship Program – Join us!

The Yale Club of London is inviting you to join its Mentorship Program. The program is intended for alumni and current Yale students that hail from or are located in the UK, and/or are interested in joining the Yale Club of London. The program is open for signups year-round, matching mentees to mentors on a quarterly basis based on mentee preferences and mentor approval. Each ‘mentorship session’ consists of three meetings over the course of three months, with set guidelines for mentors and mentees. Every member can be a mentor and mentee as many times as needed, and need to be a member of the Yale Club of London (website signup).
1. To learn more and sign up, go to:
2. For any questions, contact us at:

Yalie speaking at London Impact Investor Club

Impact Investor Club Funding Series
Mustard Seed
12th July – 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Wayra, 20 Air Street, London W1B 5AN

A society that allocates resources purely on the basis of generating short-term profit is untenable. Mustard Seed is planting a stake in the ground to help divert capital towards purpose and as part of . Mustard Seed is a principal investor in world-class early-stage businesses that generate compelling financial and societal returns. The Social Stock Exchange and Impact investor Club are teaming up with Mustard Seed to explore what makes them tick, and to highlight the businesses they believe are the future.


Teddy Kim, Mustard Seed Teddy was a former analyst at BlackRock in London, Research Assistant at the Yale School of Medicine and Research Fellow at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California having studied economics and mathematics at Yale University. Teddy’s experience includes coordinating community partnerships for an urban agriculture start-up, leading a team of 200 student volunteers at a nationally recognized medical centre, teaching at a secondary school in the Central Region of Ghana and pursuing his passion for the violin at the Hollywood Bowl, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Mozarteum and Smetana Hall.

Yale Club of Ireland: Great Gatsby at the Gate Theatre

Join the Yale Club of Ireland at dinner and a performance of The Great Gatsby on Friday, July 7th.

The event will be graced by the presence of Professor Murray Biggs, who is leading an AYA educational trip to Ireland, focused on Irish theatre.

The event starts with an early dinner – contact Brian Lavery ( if you wish to attend – followed by a performance of The Great Gatsby at the Gate Theatre. Tickets for the performance can be booked online and cost €28. You are encouraged to attend in period dress and the seats have been removed from the theatre, to facilitate riotous excursions into the human heart, which in this case means dancing and snooping around the corporate boxes.

The final part of the event will take place the following morning in the Merrion Hotel between 9am and 11am, where a discussion of the play will take place with a member of the cast.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”