The West Scrutinizes Chinese Investment

Defending Western industry: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker scrutinizes trade deals; in 2016, China’s Midea acquired Kuka, Germany’s top robotics company

Protectionist stances on immigration and trade have overshadowed proposals for stricter reviews of inbound foreign investment: The United States plans reform for the Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States, which reviews projects for national security concerns, and the European Union prepares a pan-European screening mechanism. In 2017, Chinese investment in Europe totaled €35 billion, or $40.75 billion, and the US total was $29.4 billion, down from $46.2 billion in 2016. “Between the Trump administration’s ‘America first’ stance, labeling China a ‘strategic competitor’…, and a mainstream Europe actively looking to improve the EU’s toolbox for screening foreign investments, China is carrying on its old practice of ‘divide and rule’ among states while also trying to play Europeans against Americans, thanks to the current ‘trade war,’” writes Philippe Le Corre, a senior fellow with the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School and a nonresident senior fellow with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The United States and Europe, by cooperating, would enjoy a stronger negotiating position. – YaleGlobal

In Search of the Real Indo-Pacific

What’s in a name? US Defense Secretary James N. Mattis explains the geopolitical significance of the Indo-Pacific region while India’s Premier Narendra Modi downplays political significance

Global powers express renewed interest in the Indo-Pacific, and intentions are divided over strategies that could counter China or entice Chinese participation. The Indo-Pacific region dominated discussions at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, even more so than the summit between leaders of North Korea and the United States, explains Donald K. Emmerson, director of the Southeast Asia Program at Stanford University. Ministers. Delegates from more than 50 nations gathered at the security summit organized by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, June 1 to 3. Parties with an interest in the region rush to frame possibilities: India’s prime minister denied viewing the region as strategic or exclusive while the US defense secretary linked geography and ideology. Emmerson advises pragmatism. The Indo-Pacific is unlikely to rival China’s far-reaching Belt and Road Initiative, and the US already struggles with close G7 allies on supporting an international rule-based order. Emmerson concludes, “the temptation to read multilateral diplomatic content into a map of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ drawn in Washington should be resisted.” – YaleGlobal

Yale China: Introducing the 2018-2020 Yale-China Fellows! Welcome to the Family!

Bound for China & Hong Kong (from left to right): XIUNING: Kate Rosenberg (Ezra Stiles ’18), XIUNING: Gabi Scarpa (Benjamin Franklin ’18), NEW ASIA COLLEGE: Lily Engbith (Davenport ’17), LINGNAN: Brittany Smith (Berkeley ’18), NEW ASIA COLLEGE: Anne Zlatow (Benjamin Franklin ’18), LINGNAN: Eric Lin (Morse ’18), YALI: Nicole Sánchez Astupuma (Pauli Murray ’18) and YALI: Matt Coetzee (Ezra Stiles ’18).


The 2018-2020 Yale-China Fellows had a short orientation after graduation, then they will meet in August in Hong Kong for a longer session with current Fellows in the field, before heading to their sites.

Yale Club of Taipei: 2018 Ivy Bike Trip 常春藤校友會單車活動 請踴躍參加



本校友會力行延續讓台灣更美好,從陪伴開始的初衷見證2017年Ivy Ball所支持的慈善成果,

活動行程包含與書屋環島的小朋友共進午餐>常春藤校友會內部單車競賽Ivy Bike Trip 15km>校友會晚餐餐敘,敬邀各校友會校友及親朋好友們踴躍參與


活動時間:    2018年8月12日星期日上午11點至晚間7點

集合地點:    宜蘭頭城火車站上午11點(請準備好裝備以便騎車往餐廳前進)

費    用:    $1000 (午晚餐餐費+保險, 不包含腳踏車)

報名截止:    2018年7月15日

You are cordially invited to join the first “2018 Ivy Bike Trip” in collaboration with the Kids’ Bookhouse Foundation, a remarkable charity group supporting more than 2,000 underprivileged children in Taidong for more than a decade. This year, our Ivy Club schools have the honor to fully sponsor this bike trip for 30+ participants from the charity group and to fulfill the dreams of these kids’ lifetimes. Thanks to the countless support of each Ivy Club, we are able to witness the continual impact of our charitable effort from Ivy Ball 2017 and expand our mission to “Make Taiwan a Better Place.”

The itinerary schedule is as follows:

1)Lunch with the participants from the Kids’ Bookhouse > 2)Ivy Bike Trip 15km(Yilan section only) > 3)Alumni dinner gathering at Bergamo Restaurant.

Please kindly extend our invitation to friends and families of the Ivy Club alumni community.
Date/Time: Sunday, August 12, 2018 from 11am to 7pm
Meetup Point: Yilan Toucheng Railroad Station at 11am
Fees: $1000 (lunch+dinner+insurance, exclude bike rental)
Deadline: July 15th, 2018









請連結以下報名網址勾選 (NTD250/day for a Merida Speeder)



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Yale China: American Musicals in China!

Left and bottom right photos, Xiuning High School students performed Annie to a full house in Anhui Province. Top right photo, Once Upon a Mattress presented at Yali High School before 2,000 attendees in May.

It’s become an extraordinary tradition at our two partner high schools in China. Over the past decade, Yale-China fellows have worked for months with their students and their schools to produce American-style high school musicals, complete with hand-made costumes, choreography, cheering audiences and exuberant spirit! The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Bye Bye Birdie, The Sound of Music and others have become a much-anticipated event every spring. Beyond the fun, beyond classroom work, the musicals are an important part of the fellows’ contribution to their students’ impressive fluency in English language and understanding of American society.

Yale Club of Shenzen: Summer Party

 The boat’s in the water the sun’s rising high let’s get together before summer sails by!
Bring your family and join us for a Summer Beach Party on July 14, 2018
We’ll have a private beach, nice villas, boat cruise, barbecue, swimming pool, and tons of fun!
Time:  July 14 – July 15
Location:  Near Shall Bay Hotel (33 Seashore South Road, Dapeng New District)
Estimated cost:  900RMB per person, including hotel, cruise, and food
Register:  Please register with Janet Zhang
(club manager) via WeChat (#janet425251)