William Stork

William Stork began his Yale volunteer efforts in Southern California, working to revitalize the ASC and its link to the Yale Club of Southern California. From an active years planning events for the club, he was elected president. During this same period he was selected to be treasurer of the Southern Claifornia Yale Scholarship Foundation, and successfully raised $100,000 to endow a scholarship in the name of Yale’s outstanding coach, Jordan Olivar. While Yale Club president William was selected to be a delegate to the AYA Assembly, and in his third year there, was elected to be a member of the Board of Governors, where he served as Coordinator for all Yale’s clubs and associations. In his third year on the BoG, he was elected Secretary, and then re-elected the following year.

As part of Rick Levin’s plans for Yale’s fourth century, the intent was to move Yale from being a world-class university to being a world university. William was selected to prepare Yale for this, and his efforts became part of The Yale Assembly: The Internationalization of Yale.

For Yale’s Tercentennial, William served as co-chair of Asia 300, the gala event in Hong Kong for Yale’s Asia alums to celebrate the 300th year event. William at this time had been elected president of the Yale Club of Hong Kong, where he served for six years.

William has been active as a member of his Class Council, hosted a mini-reunion in Hong Kong for his classmates, and was asked to speak at the class’s Fiftieth Reunion.

An active supporter of alumni involvement in activities to benefit the community, at the BoG reunion in NYC to develop a new ‘five-year plan’ for the AYA, William was an out-spoken advocate for providing increased service opportunities for Yale alumni involvement. Since that time, the Yale Alumni Service Corps, YaleGALE, and the Yale Day of Service were born. Uncharted waters, the Yale Day of Service brought great opportunities, and William was asked to serve as the Regional Director for all of Asia, additionally giving structure to total efforts. In 2010 he was asked to return to Yale for the Yale Leadership Forum, with primary focus on the Yale Day of Service.

After twenty years in Hong Kong, William has relocated to Singapore, where he has now become involved in Yale alumni events at the new campus of Yale-NUS. He is also active with the Yale Club of Singapore, and with the Yali Society, an alumni group of the Yale-China Association, of which he has long been a patron.

Joining the Yale International Alliance is a logical next-step, to assist all Yale alums to enjoy the opportunities presented, initially locally, and then, through YIA, globally, so to make us all global alums – now proud of being part of Yale, a world university.