Vision, Mission & Background

Vision Statement:

Working towards a Better World for All.

Mission Statement

To inspire and energize the global community to address the vital issues of our time.

The Yale International Alliance

  • Connects Yale alumni and friends internationally to promote Global Citizenship
  • Provides programming on significant world events, the environment, education, culture and other fields of interest to the worldwide community
  • Creates initiatives that gather the collective strengths of our community in order to engage with the challenges of humanity
  • Brings Yale’s mission of leadership and service to the world stage


  • Excellence – in every aspect of our work
  • Honesty – in all of our dealings
  • Collaboration – with our colleagues within our units and across the University
  • Innovation – by asking questions, embracing change, taking appropriate risks, and encouraging others to do the same
  • Fairness -by treating each other evenhandedly and respectfully
  • Diversity – of backgrounds and views to broaden our perspectives and enhance creativity
  • Professional Development – to enhance our skills and our capacity to contribute


The YIA is an AYA shared interest group for alumni, students and their families with an international perspective, including alumni who came to Yale as international students, alumni who currently live abroad, and alumni who are interested in global affairs.

Alumni interest in strengthening the bonds among international alumni and the university led to the formation of the YIA working group in 2011. In May 2012 the YIA was launched in London with a symposium on The Global Citizen, featuring Yale World Fellow Marvin Rees memorably in conversation with Yale professor Dr. Michael Capello, a thought-provoking panel of Yale alumni whose lives and careers have a strong international focus, and an enthusiastically received networking mixer.

To celebrate the launch of the Yale Club of Ghana’s July 2013 conference on Thought Leaders in the African Renaissance, the YIA held a mixer at London’s cutting-edge October Gallery, where the Ghana conference plans were presented and the Director of the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale gave an update of student activities.

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