The YIA’s activities are mostly organized through its committees. To get involved with one or more of our committees, please email

Communications Committee: This committee will strengthen the YIA website and social media presence. It will explore innovative conferencing technologies for connecting a group that is spread around the world.

Governance Committee: This committee will file charter documents (certificate of inc. and bylaws), and oversee adherence to the YIA bylaws, mission, and statutory requirements.

Membership Committee: This committee will develop the YIA’s membership structure, taking into account national, regional and international considerations. It will plan publicity and outreach, and the recruitment and retention of members around the world. It will help model alumni relations in countries that lack this tradition.

Programming Committee: This committee leads and develops alumni volunteers organizing events in different parts of the world. Events further the mission and goals of the YIA include joint ventures among different Yale communities such as local Yale clubs and alumni Shared Interest Groups, ISO reunions on campus, international mentoring schemes, and other programs.

University Relations Committee: The members of this group will create a bridge between the YIA and the Yale campus by developing relationships with the university and faculty, and liaising with student campus organizations.

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