Yale-India business accelerator to promote innovative health solutions

The Sustainable Health Initiative (SHI), a business accelerator built as a collaboration between the Yale Institute for Global Health and The CoWrks Foundry and RMZ Foundation, has selected five early-stage startups building “innovative solutions in healthcare” in India. The selected companies “will each receive $70,000 in seed capital and mentorship from Yale faculty and alumni, and will benefit from a network of Indian industry experts and structured sessions to help startups evolve into a sustainable and scalable business model, refine their market strategy, and build a sustainable company.”
The featured companies, as described in the YaleNews article linked below, are:
  • Khushi-TB: Using Khushi Baby’s digital health record technology, which has helped improve child health in rural India, Khushi-TB will focus on treatment and case management of tuberculosis in urban centers.
  • MetaMagics: Software that reads radiology reports generates a summary of findings for the doctor to concisely read and act on in a clinical setting.
  • JioVio Healthcare: A wearable device for pregnant women tracks and transmits vital information to healthcare professionals, enabling them to monitor high-risk conditions or other potential unidentified complications.
  • Naps and Nibbles: India’s first child wellness application for mobile phones provides structured programs for post-birth health issues, including sleep, breastfeeding, and nutrition.
  • Onward Assist: Supported by Harish Prabhala ’15 M.P.H., Onward Assist is a tool to assist and inform clinical decision-making related to breast and cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment.
For more information about these companies, the SHI, and Yale’s work as a business accelerator in the Indian healthcare industry, read the YaleNews article here.