59th Annual Edward H. Hume Memorial Lecture: “China’s Rise and the Security of East Asia”

The Council is pleased to present the 59th Edward H. Hume Memorial Lecture in Chinese Studies. Dr. Thomas J. Christensen (Professor of Public & International Affairs and Director of the China and the World Program, Columbia University) presented “China’s Rise and the Security of East Asia” on Friday, November 9, 2018. Many see a rising China as a security threat to the United States and its friends and allies because it seeks to drive the United States out of East Asia, dominate that region, and challenge the United States globally in a new Cold War. These concerns are overblown. But the good news ends there. The difficult challenges posed by China’s rise are real and take two forms: dissuading China from settling its many maritime disputes with weaker neighbors through coercion and military force and thereby destabilizing a region of growing global importance; and encouraging China to contribute to global stability by using its economic clout to help solve global problems such as nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Iran.