Africa Invents

More than half of Africa’s 1.2 billion people is under the age of 21, and governments confront challenges in educating and hiring so many young adults. But some young people are impatient, devising inventions to solve basic problems and starting their own businesses, explains journalist Raluca Besliu. She describes a 27-year-old in Ghana, Frank Darko, who had heard about children struggling to ford rivers and flooded areas to reach their schools in Volta River regions of Ghana, and he invented a water cycle with paddles. The cycle may be unconventional, but it caught the eye of his university after he could no longer afford tuition and dropped out. The university awarded Darko a scholarship for the cycle known as the Chario and launched an entrepreneurial and innovation incubator to encourage other students to transform their inventions into business ventures and contribute to the economy. – YaleGlobal