Yale China: Introducing the 2018-2020 Yale-China Fellows! Welcome to the Family!

Bound for China & Hong Kong (from left to right): XIUNING: Kate Rosenberg (Ezra Stiles ’18), XIUNING: Gabi Scarpa (Benjamin Franklin ’18), NEW ASIA COLLEGE: Lily Engbith (Davenport ’17), LINGNAN: Brittany Smith (Berkeley ’18), NEW ASIA COLLEGE: Anne Zlatow (Benjamin Franklin ’18), LINGNAN: Eric Lin (Morse ’18), YALI: Nicole Sánchez Astupuma (Pauli Murray ’18) and YALI: Matt Coetzee (Ezra Stiles ’18).


The 2018-2020 Yale-China Fellows had a short orientation after graduation, then they will meet in August in Hong Kong for a longer session with current Fellows in the field, before heading to their sites.