Yale Club of Hong Kong: Dr. Lawrence Ma – Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & ICO

Date : Thursday 03-May-2018
Time : 12:15-2:15pm
Venue : The Hong Kong Club, 1 Jackson Rd., Central
Event fee for pay in advance : HK$550.00 (Member)
: HK$650.00 (Associate)
: HK$650.00 (Guest)
Sign-up Deadline : Thursday 03-May-2018
Contact Person : Rawen Huang: rawen.huang@aya.yale.edu


Speaker Lunch: Dr. Lawrence Ma: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and ICO

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time: 12:15 – 2:15PM

Venue: The Hong Kong Club, 1 Jackson Road, Central

Cost (includes lunch): HK$550 (members); HK$650 (associates/guests)

NOTE: Please send payment confirmation to rawen.huang@aya.yale.edu to confirm your seat.  Spaces are limited so sign up early!

The Internet is entering a second era that is based on blockchain. The last few decades brought us the Internet of information. We are now witnessing the rise of the Internet of value. Where the first era was sparked by a convergence of computing and communications technologies, this second era will be powered by a clever combination of cryptography, mathematics, software engineering and behavioral economics. It is blockchain technology, also called distributed ledger technology. Like the Internet before it, the blockchain promises to upend business models and disrupt industries. It is pushing us to challenge how we have structured society, defined value and rewarded participation.

Blockchain emerged in the wake of the global economic crisis when a pseudonymous person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto on October 31, 2008 released a new protocol in the paper “A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. Bitcoin was implemented based on the proposed protocol and released in the following year as the first example of a digital asset which simultaneously has no backing or “intrinsic value” and no centralized issuer or controller. Since the birth of bitcoin, thousands of cryptocurrencies have now been created and launched; a majority of which via ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) in recent days.

In this talk, Lawrence will explain what blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO are and then present a few promising enterprise usages of blockchain/distributed ledger technology. Obstacles and challenges of adopting and realizing the full potential of blockchain will also be discussed. Finally, he will touch upon the present involvement of Hong Kong in blockchain and the future potential role that Hong Kong can and play in the global blockchain ecosystem.


Lawrence Ma has over 20 years of academics, finance and technology development and business experiences. He is currently the President of Hong Kong Blockchain Society, Committee Member of China’s Central University of Finance and Economic’s Da Xin Blockchain Research Center Expert Committee Society and founder and CEO of eMALI.IO.

Inaugurated in 2017, Hong Kong Blockchain Society is dedicated to take part in building a vibrant blockchain community and ecosystem in Hong Kong. eMALI is a Hong Kong based blockchain company. The primary focus of eMALI is to develop blockchain applications in Public and Fin/Insur Tech sectors. eMALI has been (Dec 2016) chosen as a winner of AIA Blockchain Global Challenge; a competition with entries from 19 countries.

He received his BA in Mathematics from Yale University, MS in Mathematics from Stanford University, and PhD in Mathematics from Cornell University.

Contact Person: Rawen Huang (rawen.huang@aya.yale.edu), Carolyn Yeh (carolyn.yeh@aya.yale.edu)