Conference on the Next Frontier of Peacekeeping

The Next Frontier of Peacekeeping

The MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies and the Department of Political Science at Yale University are pleased to host an international conference, ‘The Next Frontier of Peacekeeping,’ April 27-28, 2018. This event will advance a new research agenda at an historic moment of reform, as the African Union and United Nations revise their peace and security architectures. In the wake of the UN High-Level Implementation Panel on Peace Operations and Santos Cruz reports, the time is ripe to harness the tools of evidence-based and theoretically-grounded research to match the challenges of 21st century peacekeeping.

The conference will convene leading policymakers and academics to explore how social scientists can make a meaningful contribution to the study and practice of peacekeeping. The conference will feature four thematic sessions fusing peacekeeping policy and scholarship to address critical questions such as: Whom does peacekeeping serve? How do contemporary peace operations enhance or inhibit civilian security? Why does sexual abuse by peacekeepers persist and what can be done to end it? What research hypotheses do practitioners believe scholars should test? What methods can scholars usefully deploy to support the work of practitioners?