Yale US China Forum

经过数月的紧张筹备,耶鲁大学中国学生学者联合会联合耶鲁大学管理学院大中华俱乐部、耶鲁大学本科生协会、耶鲁大学本科生中国经济论坛,在此向您推出2018耶鲁中美论坛的活动预告。请持续关注相关讯息,关注Facebook活动链接Yale US-China Forum,并预留参会时间。期待4月的相见!

Save the Date: April 27th – 28th, 2018

Together with the Yale School of Management (SOM) Greater China Club, Chinese Undergraduate Students at Yale (CUSY), and China Economic Forum of Yale Undergraduates, the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale (ACSSY) is excited to invite you to join our inaugural Yale US China Forum to be held at Yale SOM on April 27th – 28th, 2018.

Please also follow us on Facebook. You can check our forum package there. Registration link for tickets will open after the spring break.

Yale US China Forum Overview

The Yale US China Forum is a student-led conference at Yale University that seeks to initiate discussions on forward-looking issues in China. Experts from throughout the university, international intuitions, and relevant industries have been invited deliver keynote speeches as well as sit on discussion panels, whose topics include areas such as Private Equity and Venture Capital, Technology, Real Estate, Entertainment, Law and Public Policy.

2018 Forum Theme

China, the world’s second largest economy, drives growth far beyond its borders. Meanwhile, the country is undergoing tremendous structural reform as it attempts to decrease its reliance on foreign direct investment and reorient the economy towards domestic consumption. This goal has enabled China to become a pioneer in many industries, including e-commerce, fin-tech, and robotics, and will ensure it remains a major driver of the global economy for years to come.

This forum will explore China’s recent emphasis on global connectivity and “shared growth through collaboration” by probing key issues related to this year’s theme, The China Accelerator for World Development. The discussions will help participants understand the new era of China’s structural reform and explore cooperative opportunities between China and the United States. This is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the dialog between China and the United States and help foster coordinated development in both countries and beyond.