Yale Club of Singapore: Tea with Yale School of Public Health on Big Questions in Public Health

Emerging trends and disruptive forces: what factors impact our health, now and in the future? We face escalating threats of urbanization, global migration, climate change, smog, emerging infections and antimicrobial resistance. Complex health systems and corporate mergers have had limited impact on human behaviour – like food choice, sedentary lifestyle and tobacco – and the consequent epidemics of non-communicable diseases that impact our lifespan and our healthspan.

And yet, there is tremendous opportunity and upside potential. We must leverage tools across multiple sectors along with social and technological innovation to build capacity, engineer environments and inspire behavior change as well as to promote human resilience and social connectedness.

Join in a lively discussion with Yale School of Public Health Dean Sten Vermund and Deputy Dean Jeannette Ickovics (visiting this year at Yale-NUS College) to ask your “big questions” and to hear their vision for the future of public health.

Guests are welcome. This event will be open to DUAL.

Cost: Pay for your own F&B (otherwise free to attend)
Date and Time: Sunday, 18th Mar 2018, from 4:00pm till 5.30pm
Location: Atrium Lounge at the Marina Mandarin (Level 4)
RSVP: Email sarah.ong@aya.yale.edu

Separately, Dean Vermund and Deputy Dean Ickovics will be speaking at another event at Yale-NUS the following day (19th March). Yale President Salovey will be giving opening remarks and an introduction to the panel. He will be on campus from about 5:00pm (exhibition) and with the panel from 5:30-6:30pm: