Heroes of the Republic: Filipinos Abroad

A sizable percentage of the adult workforce in the Philippines pursues overseas employment opportunities, creating a revenue stream that supplements the national economy. A lagging job market at home and the need for workers in certain industries and nations abroad contribute to the export of labor. Employers around the world compete for the educated workers fluent in English. About 20 percent of registered nurses in California are from the Philippines, and demand for Filipino nurses may rise as the United Kingdom pursues Brexit and anticipates replacing 12 percent of its non-British medical staff at the National Health Service. For 2016, elsewhere in Asia was the leading destination for more than 80 percent of Filipino workers. The Philippines, lacking reliable access to family-planning programs, has a high fertility rate, and the population climbed from 26 million in 1960 to 105 million today. Family-planning policies could help stabilize a hyper-competitive domestic job market and contribute to economic growth. – YaleGlobal