Another Nuclear Threat From North Korea? South Koreans Roll Their Eyes

Dulled by more than six decades of outlandish propaganda and threats, South Koreans may have grown overly complacent about North Korean provocations, warns journalist Shim Jae Hoon. “Seoul is left shaken and apprehensive about the progress achieved by Kim Jong Un and his intercontinental missile technology,” he explains, suggesting that an otherwise casual attitude at every level of society may demonstrate “how far South Koreans have come in prosperity and political self-confidence.” Defense officials suggest that the Kim regime’s test of a thermonuclear device on 3 September and launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile over Japan confirm that the country is close to having the capability to strike the continental United States. North Korea develops nuclear weapons to protect the Kim regime and apply leverage in convincing the United States to remove troops from the Korean Peninsula. In Japan, citizens undergo training for a possible strike while South Korea dismisses the threat of war, depending on diplomacy, shared heritage and an alliance with the United States. A Twitter post by Donald Trump suggesting that the US secretary of state is “wasting his time” trying to negotiate with North Korea may do more to unnerve South Koreans. – YaleGlobal