India Challenges China’s Intentions on One Belt, One Road Initiative

China insists that its One Belt, One Road initiative stretching along three continents will benefit the entire world with $1 trillion in infrastructure improvements. But some countries harbor doubts. Businesses and governments in the West express concern that the massive trade and infrastructure initiative is more bilateral than multilateral, and “India, an emerging economy that shares a contested border with China, worries about containment and new pathways for aggression from Pakistan,” explains Harsh V Pant, professor of international relations, King’s College London. Also, “the Maritime Silk Road reinforces New Delhi’s concerns about encirclement. Beijing’s port development projects in the Indian Ocean open the possibility of dual-use facilities, complicating India’s security calculus.” The land and maritime routes, as envisioned by Chinese President Xi Jinping, will link about 65 countries that encompass about 40 percent of global GDP. Plans should emphasize transparency and multilateral cooperation, Pant concludes, or China could confront more opposition. – YaleGlobal