Yale Refugee Program Convenes its First Annual Symposium

Under the theme of “The Next Generation of Humanitarianism and Refugee Studies: Challenges & Opportunities”, the Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement and Humanitarian Responses convened its first annual Symposium on 13th of April. The Symposium was a day-long event, aiming to bring together Yale faculty, scholars and students with a number of prominent faculty and scholars working on refugee issues, from other universities, as well as humanitarian workers, local and international NGOs, as well as representative of think tanks and policy groups.

George Joseph, the deputy director of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale, opened the Symposium with introductory remarks about the vision behind the new Refugee program; that was launched earlier this spring at the MacMillan Center. “The goal today is to have the opportunity for individuals from the Yale community, as well as New Haven Connecticut, to come together, meet each other and share their work and experiences”, said Joseph. He added that the aim for this annual symposium is to grow into a more fulsome event, that provides a platform for academicians and practitioners working on refugee and humanitarian issues to convene, present their work and also develop it. Joseph also added that the MacMillan Center is committed to bring resources to the table to support faculty and students working on refugee issues; intellectual as well as financial resources.