Russia and Trump Must Be Partners to Assure Nuclear Security

The devastating power and ethical challenges of modern nuclear weapons ensure no winners regardless of which nation might launch first. The United States and Russia hold the most nuclear weapons and, despite differences in many areas, are best equipped to lead on all aspects of global nuclear security, including nonproliferation and responding to nuclear terrorism threats, explains Richard Weitz, senior fellow and director of the Center for Political-Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute. He lays out several possibilities for cooperation on nuclear security. “The United States needs to think creatively regarding how to give Russia a larger stake in the European security order to minimize tensions and costs for all parties,” he writes. Cooperation in Europe could prompt Russia to help with curbing North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and “sustain US support for the Iran nuclear deal by pressing Tehran to limit its long-range ballistic missile development program.” Most importantly, Russia and the United States could encourage other nuclear powers to work toward unilateral limits, transparency in nuclear activities, arms control, along with active involvement in nonproliferation and multinational confidence-building measures. – YaleGlobal