To Resolve the Syrian Crisis, Partition Is Necessary

During ceasefire talks in early May, Russia proposed creation of de-escalation zones, with itself, Iran and Turkey as guarantors. Partition is necessary, argue Carol E. B. Choksy and Jamsheed K. Choksy of Indiana University. “But having three nations that greatly abet the strife serve as enforcers will not produce peace. An impartial plan must be formulated and implemented.” The writers review Syria’s recent history and point out no acceptable coalition stands ready to govern Syria. Despite six years of war, influence from major powers including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, the United States and Russia have failed to stop the violence. Territorial assignments must be negotiated along with a ceasefire, and the international community could support relocation and prevent attacks during the transition. Partition would entail sacrifice, but would also separate hardened foes, allowing governance and control on a more manageable scale. Partition may offer the only chance for peace for Syria and the Middle East. – YaleGlobal