North Korean Threat Tests Strength of US-Chinese Relations

North Korea, intent on developing its nuclear weapons program, has conducted at least six increasingly advanced missile tests this year. The nation is a threat and could attack South Korea, Japan, US naval bases in the Pacific or even the US mainland in the not-so-distant future. Tackling this crisis could bring China and the United States closer together, and the presidents of the two countries meet in April with the challenge expected to top the agenda. Former Swedish ambassador to China and author Börje Ljunggren details the history of North Korea’s progam and its record of circumventing agreements. ”The international community has failed to contain a failed state, one as poor, backward and isolated as North Korea,” he writes. “Beijing and Washington have each accused the other of being the main cause for the lack of results.” Ljunggren concludes that a military option is not viable, not without the deaths of hundreds of thousands people. Instead, a grand bargain with the most skilled diplomacy is required. – YaleGlobal