To Avert Disaster the US Must Deal With North Korea

North Korea is rapidly developing its nuclear program, conducting multiple missile tests as well as two nuclear tests in 2016. The regime is also accused of using a chemical weapon to assassinate the North Korean dictator’s half-brother who had been living under China’s protection. The brazen attack while the man was in Kuala Lumpur and the series of tests prompted a response from China. “Following Jong-nam’s killing, China has for the first time blocked coal imports from North Korea,” explains Rakesh Sood, former ambassador and disarmament specialist, with more than 35 years of experience with India’s foreign service. “China is North Korea’s biggest trading partner accounting for more than 80 percent of its foreign trade.” Sanctions have not worked, and analysts suggest that the country could have a long-range missile capable of reaching the continental United States before 2019. A dangerous threat confronts countries with a combined population of 2 billion. Sood urges sustained coordination and dialogue, possibly along with assurances that North Korea won’t be attacked first as long as it completely freezes its nuclear program with verification. – YaleGlobal