Yalie Anjan Sundaram On Long List Of Pen-E.O. Wilson Awards

An award-winning journalist, Sundaram’s writing has appeared in Granta, The Guardian, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Observer and Foreign Policy. His war correspondence from the Central African Republic won a Frontline Club award in 2015, and his reporting on Congo won a Reuters prize in 2006. His work has also been shortlisted for the Prix Bayeux and the Kurt Schork award. Anjan graduated from Yale University, his website says.

Sundaram was born in Ranchi, India, and grew up between India and Dubai. He studied at Rishi Valley School in India, and Dubai Gem Private School in Dubai. After enrolling in the engineering program at IIT Chennai, he moved to the United States and graduated from Yale University in 2005. Sundaram earned a master’s degree in mathematics as an undergraduate at Yale studying abstract algebra under the legendary mathematician Serge Lang.