China and the US: Two Visions, One Collaboration?

Donald Trump promised during the US presidential campaign to be tough on trade with China, suggesting he would label the country a currency manipulator and impose tariffs unless trade agreements were renegotiated. Trade is likewise threatened with China’s expansive claims and military buildup in the South China Sea. But the world’s two largest economies have reason to cooperate in Asia, argues Marc Grossman, vice chairman of The Cohen Group and a 2013 Kissinger senior fellow at Yale. Both nations agree on the need for more infrastructure connections between East Asia, South and Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. “Two concepts are in play: China’s One Belt One Road, or OBOR initiative, a multibillion dollar program to build ports, railways, roads, power plants in and around 60 countries and the more modest, but still important, the American New Silk Road initiative, or NSR,” Grossman explains. Collaboration in nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan could deter extremism, help Chinese and US businesses, and smooth relations across the board. – YaleGlobal