Unlike the West, India and China Embrace Globalization

Globalization has won fans in India and China, where economic growth is projected to rise by 7.6 and 6.6 percent, respectively. “Indians and Chinese also express pride in their respective nation’s growing stature on the world stage,” explains Bruce Stokes, director of global economic attitudes at the Pew Research Center, in reporting on responses to the Pew 2016 Global Attitudes Survey. “In all, 86 percent of Chinese and roughly two-thirds of Indians are satisfied with trends in their country today.” Most Chinese and Indians express optimism about their economies, anticipating improved growth as well as a better life for future generations. By comparison, Pew reports 42 percent of survey respondents in 10 EU nations and 44 percent in the United States say their economy is doing well. One area where Chinese and Indian respondents differ little from respondents in the West: Most are wary about foreign influences, and expect their governments to prioritize dealing with domestic challenges.