Do Algorithms Dream of Beauty? Discerning Truth in a 24/7 Digital World

Do Algorithms Dream of Beauty?  Discerning Truth in a 24/7 Digital World 

* Who owns our heritage, our images, our secrets?

* How is history made and reported?

* What happens when your own server denies you access?

From university campuses to international war zones, the question of who makes history, who defines it, who preserves it, who destroys it is at the forefront political and ethical discussions.  What is the purpose of museums, collectors and curators in this age of disposable objects?  Is there room for genuine creativity in the glut of information?  Who chooses what stays and what goes, and how is the digital revolution affecting these choices?  Be it the upcoming US election, the recent Brexit vote, trials in The Hague, iCloud hacking, even fashion on the Cote d’Azur, questions of liberty, free will, media and the message are some of the most complex and interesting of our time.

Join In Conversation  — a new series of provocative intellectual discussions.  Designed to address the equivocal and often uninformative dialogue prevalent in the media today, In Conversation turns at critical eye at questions of contemporary culture. Two experts from different but complementary disciplines come together with a moderator and a discerning audience for a curated conversation of theoretical and practical significance.  

For our first event you will be in conversation with:

Jason File, Yale College and Law School alumnus, and award-winning and widely collected artist. In addition to his investigations in visual media, he also works as a war crimes prosecutor.  Read more about him here or on the main YCL event page.  

Dr Alice Prochaska, Principal of Somerville College, Oxford and formerly University Librarian, Yale, contributed to the establishment of the UK’s national history curriculum and during her time at Yale prioritised the development of a robust digital service to the research community.  Read more about her here or on the main YCL event page.

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Event: Do Algorithms Dream of Beauty? Discerning Truth in a 24/7 Digital World
Date: 11 Oct 2016 6:00 PM to  8:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
Location: Paul Mellon Centre, 16 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3JA
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6:00 pm: Registration6:15 pm: Welcome and Introduction6:25: Curated Conversation with Speakers6:45: Moderated Conversation with Guests7:30: Informal conversation over drinks7:55: Evening concludes