Yale Club of London: SOM Masterclass: Professor Nicholas Christakis – ‘Using Social Networks for Good’

Event: SOM Masterclass: Professor Nicholas Christakis: ‘Using Social Networks for Good’
Date: 03 Oct 2016 6:00 PM to  8:30 PM
Location: London School of Economics, Old Theatre, Old Building Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
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Yale alumni and all alumni of Global Network for Advanced Management schools are warmly invited to join Yale Professor Nicholas A. Christakis, for a 75-minute master class ‘Using Social Networks for Good’, drawn from his current research on how the human social network structure and function can be used to intervene in the world to make it better. 

This class is presented in partnership with The London School of Economics. We expect a lively exploration of how interventions of two types into offline and online networks, (1) interventions that rewire the connections between people, and (2) interventions that manipulate social contagion, facilitating the flow of desirable properties within groups, can have a wide-array of positive effects—from fostering cooperation in networked groups online, to nurturing health behavior change in developing world villages, to facilitating the diffusion of innovation and coordination.

Time will be reserved to provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with alumni and other guests. We hope that you’ll join us. 

6:00 pm: Registration and refreshments

6:15 pm: Masterclass

7:30: Q&A

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Cost:  £10 All members

We hope to see you there!