Yale World Fellows: Regional chapter event in India

Regional chapter event in India

In July, Fellows from the South and Central Asia Regional Chapter met for dinner and conversation in New Delhi, India, hosted by Alexander Evans WF ’09. Chapter coordinator Zeena Johar WF ’15 offered a recap of the event: 
“The astounding success of our first Regional Chapter meet in Beijing in April 2016 left me high-spirited! I was overwhelmed with each World Fellow’s forthcomingness to participate and contribute meaningfully towards our common World Fellows connection!

“Emma Sky, director, Greenberg World Fellows Program, connected me with Alexander Evans WF ’09, Acting British High Commissioner to India. The email introduction led to a phone call, the phone call to a brainstorming session and before we knew it, Alexander and I co-created our first ever India event. The warm responses from across our regional network led nine of us to assemble on a warm, humid Monday evening (merciless July monsoons in India!) at Alexander’s place in New Delhi.

“The representation was from across all World Fellows classes, and across different sectors. Alexander had just returned that evening from a hectic trip to Uttar Pradesh, flying through the clouds (literally!) with a team of scientists collecting samples and working on climate prediction. Chetna, founder and chair of Mann Deshi Mahla Bank, and Monika, editor of Mint Money, gave us tremendous perspective on the evolving Indian financial industry landscape. Unmesh, our 2009 World Fellow, could not make it to our get-together but his better half Pari graced the occasion. Unmesh and Alexander were both at Yale in 2009, hence it was electric as Alexander and Pari got to re-connect! In many ways that truly represented the spirit of our program, as it is not only the Fellows that one gets to know really well, but also ever-lasting friendships that one gets to develop with their families.

“Ayush, founder Quicksand and UnBox Festival, and Ruchi of The Hunger Project shared their stories from their time in New Haven through 2012. It was just the same when I saw Rahul from my class (2015) at Alexander’s place! Alexander proudly pointed to his bookshelf that housed books authored by Rahul on Kashmir, and then followed a long and entertaining session of mutual admiration. I loved connecting with Sonali, CEO, Global Healthcare Consulting) as we had many things in common – Yale and then our passion for public health!

“Without Alexander this would have not been possible! Thanks to his generosity, I am optimistic that our get-together at his place was just the beginning of countless such rendezvous to follow in our sub-continent.

Upwards and onwards!”

Pictured above, from left: Pari Jhaveri, wife of Unmesh Brahme, WF ’09, Rahul Pandita WF ’15, Chetna Gala Sinha WF ’02, Ayush Chauhan WF ’12, Sonali Kochhar WF ’11, Zeena Johar WF ’15, Monika Halan WF ’11, Ruchi Yadav WF ’12, and Alexander Evans WF ’09.