Claiming Dominance, China Sheds Pretense of Peaceful Rise

China is intent on being the dominant, central force in Asia and recognized as such by the international community. China’s rise may be taking more time than some might have expected soon after the Great Recession ravaged advanced economies of the West. The United States and Europe bounced back with political and economic influence, and an international court’s ruling on the South China Sea did not go China’s way. China resents the US pivot to Asia, questioning Washington’s motives, and regards the policy as containment. China avoids conflict while pressing for dominance, employing a carrots-and-sticks approach, including the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that plans to invest billions in the continent. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations stay mum and members accept China’s primacy in most of their affairs. “China is getting its way,” notes journalist Frank Ching. “In the Chinese imagination, this is not subjugation of neighbors but simply restoration of the normal order.” – YaleGlobal