Yale Club of Beijing: Book Donation Trip in Henan Province

Friday, September 2 – Saturday, September 3: Book Donation Trip in Henan Province

The Yale Club of Beijing’s Book Donation Program is organizing its tenth annual visit to Yaocun No 1 Middle School in rural Linzhou County, Henan Province. A group of 8 volunteers will travel by high-speed bullet train from Beijing West to Anyang East train stations, departing September 2 (Friday evening, leaving about 5:30pm) and returning to Beijing September 3 (Saturday evening, arriving around 10:30 pm).

The book donation and English practice activities will take place at the Yaocun No 1 Junior Middle School on Saturday, September 3. In the morning, volunteers will assist in informal, classroom English practice. In the afternoon, we will organize activities such as basketball, arts and crafts, performance arts (singing/dancing/acting), and discussion groups. No experience is required other than fluency in English and enthusiasm in sharing your talents and interests with rural middle school students. Our book donation this year will include a new collection of science, math, English, sports and biography books purchased in the USA for the middle school library.

For more information and to sign up for the event, contact Gwen ZAHNER at gwen_zahner@yahoo.com