Yale Grad Comes up with a necklasce for providing immunisation to the Rural India

Imagine a situation where most kids die at an early age. Imagine this situation in a small rural village. Now, imagine this same situation affecting an entire state, then an entire country and lastly, this world. Would you rather be a passive observer and watch the youth wither away or would you be an active participant in preventing the cause that leads to this widespread deterioration?

India is a diverse country but within this widespread diversity, we see many problems. We may or may not relate to them, but people like Ruchit Nagar, Mohammed Shahnawaz and Preethi Venkat work day and night to find innovative solutions for the same. They are the founders of Khushi Baby, a not-for-profit organization, which is slowly revolutionizing the way we provide immunization to newborn babies. Khushi baby has turned the black thread worn by many newborn babies in Rajasthan into an effective tool to track and record their immunization details.