Wolf-Pack Terrorism: Inspired by ISIS, Made in Bangladesh

Ongoing political squabbles and vendettas do not stop terror, and militants will use such differences to drive a wedge into societies. “Ongoing conflict between the two major political parties, Bangladesh National Party, which considers itself custodian of Bangladeshi nationalism, and Awami League, which regards itself as the sole guiding force of Bangladeshi liberation, has left the field open to ISIS and Al Qaeda to recruit militants,” explains Saroj Kumar Rath, assistant professor at the University of Delhi and an expert on security affairs in South Asia. Ruling parties in the United States, France, Belgium, Turkey as well as Bangladesh are keenly sensitive about terrorist attacks on their watch, plotted by and influenced by jihadists returning from the battlefronts in Syria and Iraq. Social media posts reveal collaboration among a range of terrorist groups with influence spreading. Denial is not an option, and governments must organize and collaborate, with one another and within, to stop the scourge. – YaleGlobal