In Daniel Magaziner’s African studies courses, preconceived ideas begin to slip away

His American students often have little background about Africa, and his African students are frequently unstudied in history. But as they join together in Daniel Magaziner’s courses, both groups come to understand how much their histories and cultures are entangled. One student said of his classroom experience: “As I sit in the class, I often am bursting with energy and excitement; it feels as if we all leave each lecture better, more thoughtful, people.” For their teacher — the winner of the Sarai Ribicoff ’75 Award for Teaching Excellence in Yale College — it is equally invigorating to watch as students begin to engage with the previously unknown, and as their preconceptions begin to fall away.

Courses: “African Encounters with Colonialisms,” “History of South Africa,” “Art, Technology, and African Modernity,” and “Global Black Power”