Corruption Threatens Ukraine’s Hard-Earned Freedom

The abrupt resignation of Ukraine’s respected minister of economy and trade, his refusal to “serve as a cover-up for covert corruption,” has triggered political crisis and an onslaught of recriminations about inept governance. More resignations may follow, and the crisis comes during a treacherous period as the West and Russia battle for influence over the country of 45 million. “Notably, the crisis demonstrates the surprising feebleness of Western efforts to improve governance, cut corruption and foster economic growth,” writes Chris Miller, associate director of the Grand Strategy Program at Yale. “It also exposes a critical weakness in the West’s strategy to confront Russia in the post-Soviet space.” Transparency International ranks Ukraine 130 on corruption out 167 countries. Miller warns that the quest for good governance could take years. In the meantime, political and economic crises mark the country as a major front in the ongoing hostilities between Russia and the West. – YaleGlobal