Students Arrive to Participate in Latin American Linkage Program

Ten students selected to represent seven leading law schools in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile began their three-week residence at Yale Law School on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 by touring the campus and the libraries. During the tour, they where given instruction on using the digital resources and the opportunity to examine some of the rare documents and books in Yale’s collection that represent determinant moments in their countries’ histories.

The United States leg of the Yale Law School Latin American Linkage program includes meetings with faculty, student leaders, and alumni practitioners in a variety of fields as well as observing classes and giving presentations on their own research and current legal concerns in their home countries. The students stay with Yale law students who will in turn be hosted by the Latin American students when the 13 Yale law students selected in November travel to Argentina, Brazil, and Chile during the summer of 2016. The Yale law students will engage in similar meetings and give presentations, although they generally spend less time observing classes in favor of individual research projects. The goals of the program are to increase mutual understanding of the legal frameworks in all the countries represented and the way the different approaches to legal education fits in with and reflects the larger legal and political systems. The program also examines the issues perceived as the most in need of legal solutions, the nature of the solutions envisioned, and helps foster durable friendships among an incredibly promising group of young scholars and future leaders.