Censorship in China: The Good, the Bad, the Past and the Future

Friday, February 19th, 2016

WLH 203

4:30 PM – 6 PM  

Dress Code: Casual

Language: English

Format: Open Discussion


Last Saturday’s “Chunwan”- Lunar New Year’s Eve TV Gala- has left many young Chinese dissatisfied with and critical of the overflow of ideological messaging and glorification of the Party. Amidst the images from the enormous military parades in Beijing last September, one cannot help but notice some unusually propagandist slogans, including “Listen to the Party’s command”. Censorship is no news in China, but the degree to which the internet and the TV programs are being censored in recent years has been unprecedented, even for China. Meanwhile, following the “umbrella movement” in 2014, conflicts in Hong Kong continues to unfold as pro-democratic protesters urge for more freedom of press and a comprehensive democratic election. 

Key Questions to be Discussed:

  1. What in your opinion was the key reason/main concern behind the implementation of censorship by the Chinese government? How effective do you think it has been in serving its purpose (so far)?
  2. Do recent events reflect the Chinese government’s increasing intention to exercise greater control over the press/speech freedom in Hong Kong? What does the future hold for Hong Kong and its citizens?
  3. How will censorship progress in China’s near and long term future? What would happen today if China removes censorship completely? Why should or should not China reduce/eliminate censorship?


Background Readings (for those interested):

U.S. to China: Let the Missing Hong Kong Booksellers Go Home

China Communist Party Elder Speaks Out Against Censorship

http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/blog/gordon-g-chang/china-communist-party-elder speaks-out-against-censorship

Why Google Quit China—and Why It’s Heading Back



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