Yale NUS: Endowment Reaches 350M, President Lewis Profiled, a Haze Comic and More

Endowment Reaches 350M, President Lewis Profiled, A Haze Comic and More

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dear readers,
The Octant is back this week—and we’re turning two on Oct. 8! We could not have come this far without the community’s support. Your feedback and trust have helped us grow in our mission to provide credible news reporting and a platform for discussion.

We celebrate with a bumper issue, featuring new content from our photographers and designers—an infographic, a photo essay and a comic on the haze! In Features, we profile President Lewis and speak to students about how he has grown into his role. Meanwhile, News reports on how the College’s endowment has grown to 350 million, and the upcoming campus inauguration.

Finally, The Octant is having a birthday and reflection event next Monday, Oct. 12, at the Elm Buttery from 8pm. Come stop by for ice cream sandwiches and celebrate with us—it’s also a chance for you to give us your feedback on the paper!


Inauguration Finally Happening on Oct 12
Who’s coming for the campus inauguration? Find out in our article, and check out our campus—by the numbers—in our infographic!

CLOCKWORK : Now that the freshies are back from Week 7, we must say farewell to this short period of peace and serenity. We tried our best to miss you guys, but we didn’t miss the long waits for the elevator and the long lines in the dining hall. Post fewer photos on Facebook, please.
Learning on the Job: Pericles Lewis on his journey with Yale-NUS

Back in 2012, Mr. Lewis was “only” a Yale University faculty member. After he was accepted for the job of President at Yale-NUS, he took classes at Harvard to learn how to run a university. But most of his learning came on the job.

The Price of Artistry
How did the Improv Comedy Conglomerate remain accessible and inclusive while selecting a group of performers?
Yale-NUS College Endowment Fund Reaches 350 million SGD 
The Yale-NUS College Fund has reached 350 million SGD this year, putting it on par with some comparable liberal arts colleges in America. Who are our donors? Read to find out.
Recollections of the Pioneer Generation
Let me tell you a story about what it was like when I was growing up, a long time ago in a place called Residential College 4 (RC4)…