Yale EMBA Students Spend One Week In Ghana

In March, a few of us began a journey in Western Africa in the country of Ghana as part of our Global Network program.  None of us could have realized the depth and extent to which it would affect us. It was life altering for us all.

On Monday, we learned about the great political divides that fractures a nation and leads to shocking extremes of wealth and poverty. The plight of the Northern Ghanaians was etched in our minds, and we noted that election cycle politics are not just cyclones that have derided our nation and sapped our enthusiasm; the same sentiment is alive and well in Ghana. We learned about a country formerly called Gold Coast as it has natural resources of gold and minerals that most would envy. Even with the discovery of oil, paucity of proper governance can further exacerbate the ills of a nation and such examples are abound.