Demystifying Social Impact Business

Our 2014 World Fellow Vivianne Naigeborin is a pioneer in social impact investing in Brazil – she was part of a group of people who sparked the sector in the country and has overseen its growth and development over the past several years.

Here, she sits down with Yale Global Perspectives to explain exactly what social impact business is, how to measure it, and its potential for growth internationally.  Check out the short videos below.

More on Vivianne:

Vivianne currently serves as Strategic Advisor for Potencia Ventures. Potencia is an international organization that invests in emerging global markets to support an enabling environment for businesses contributing to poverty reduction. Potencia was the first investor and principal strategic partner for a half-dozen key initiatives for businesses with social impact in Brazil, including Vox Capital, the first Brazilian impact investing venture capital firm; and Artemisia, a pioneer organization in the dissemination, promotion and acceleration of impactful businesses in Brazil. Prior to Potencia, Vivianne worked as a strategic consultant for companies, funds, individuals and citizen sector organizations in the field of business with social impact. From 2000 to 2007 Vivianne was the International Director for Strategic Partnerships and Latin-America Integration at Ashoka Innovators for the Public. She is also part of the group that launched the first Brazilian MBA in Socio-Environmental Business in 2012, a partnership among Artemisia, University of Sao Paulo and IPE and a board member of several Brazilian civil society organizations.