Safe Cities – YIA Virtual Lecture by Yale World Fellow Enrique Betancourt

Date: March 26, 2014

Time: 8pm EST

2013 Yale World Fellow Enrique Betancourt will be giving the March YIA Virtual Lecture on Safe Cities.

Enrique is an architect and urban planner who has served in shaping the Mexican government’s social policies. He is interested in how chronic violence affects human development, and how architecture can influence this.

Cities represent a double-edged sword for development, on one hand urbanization has been related to improved access to healthcare, education and justice; on the other, cities in the developing world have become diffuse agglomerations where crime and violence are fueled by inequality.
This lecture will explain how innovative policies are making their way into Latin America to capture opportunity and address problems at the same time.
The live virtual lecture will be broadcast via USTREAM and will also be available at the same site for later viewing.  You can ask Enrique questions, or chat with him, after the lecture by signing into Ustream and using the chat function.